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Statistics of Greece
Subtitle Population of the year 1861
Corporate body Greece. Ministry of the Interior. Public Finance Office
Publisher Royal Printing House
Reference year 1861
Year of publication 1862
Number of PDF pages 179
Notes Reprinted after photographing the 1862 publication of ETBA Cultural and Technological Institute and the Society for the Study of Modern Hellenism in November 1991. Annex from Journal “Mnimon”, No 7. Source: webpage of University of Crete “Anemi” Digital Library, as the publication has not been located in the ELSTAT Library.
Subjects Greece - Population census, 1861
Language Greek and French
ISBN 960-7089-02-2 και 960-244-020-1
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File type PDF
Resolution 600dpi
Colour Coloured
Colour depth 8-bit
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